What are the weirdest pet products you've ever seen?

People have weird hobbies. Some spend the better part of their day tucking away in a dark corner of the internet, selling bizarre items to predominantly other Custom Pet Portraits. And no matter what your tastes, Custom Pet Canvas will provide you with precisely what you want—a canvas that features your pet's head in one of four styles.


Here are 5 of the weirdest pet products people buy on the internet.


1. Belly-Breather Ducks


The world loves a good taxidermy project. Seemingly every animal has been preserved in some state of 'living' and placed in a realistic setting. However, there are other, more extreme ways to preserve your pet. Liver-breathing is the act of permanently preserving a duck or other animal with the liver removed, leaving the abdominal cavity open to breathe. It's not for everyone, and we're not going to go into who does this or why (if you want it, you can find it online), but it's weird enough for this list.


2. Otter Pups


There are two ways to acquire an otter as a pet. One is to go out and trap one in the wild; the other is to buy one from a breeder. Most otter breeders are hobbyists, but there's still a market for them, and you can buy them online. If you're looking for something cute and cuddly, look elsewhere, otters are neither. They're more likely to rip your face off than snuggle with you. I'm not sure how much they cost, but I imagine it's quite a bit.


3. Sneaker Pets


You'd need to be a die-hard sneakerhead or have a deep pocket to consider getting any sneaker as an animal companion. You see, a shoe (or, in this case, boots) is no more than a big clump of fur. So if you want your sneaker as a pet, you'll have to take it apart and remove the inner lining so it can be cleaned/maintained. It also means you've created a pet from an expensive trash can.


4. Bonsai Trees


Bonsai trees are one of those things that make no sense at all, especially when they're this small. They're like little balls of fur for you; I don't know, cuddle with. Whatever you do with bonsai trees is your business, but if you're one of those people who needs a plant on the desk at work, get yourself a typical plant. And take that thing to the office supply store and get a cheap can of air freshener.


5. Doggie Dental Services


If you've ever wanted to have your dog's teeth cleaned by a professional, you'll have to book an appointment (an appointment is a fancy word for this.) This service can be done at home and would be a great way to maintain the health of your pet's mouth. Keep in mind, though; it won't do much good unless you get a regular dental checkup for your dog. If your dog has a diagnosed health problem that requires regular dental care, this is one more thing you need to check off.


In conclusion, if you're into weird pets, plenty of people are willing to sell them to you. You can also make an excellent little profit buying and selling weird pet products on the internet. Just don't get too weird about it.