Top 7 Tips To Training Your Dog

Top 7 Tips To Training You Dog

Bringing a new pet into your home can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. If it is your first time having a furry friend living with you and you have no idea how to train your dog don't fret because here are the top 7 tips for training your dog.

Tips1: Don't Punish Your Pet
A lot of times when new pet owner trains their pet, they usually resort to punishment-based training, believing it will be an effective way to tame and train their pet. Resorting to punishment is not the best way to train your puppy. Oftentimes, it is best to let your puppy do what it wants and not force any type of behavior or trait on them.

Tips2: Be Patient
Every puppy is different and works at its own pace, so make sure to exercise patience when training your dog. In due time, your furry little friend will be well trained.

Tips3: Stay Positive
As a new pet owner, it can sometimes be challenging to get your dog to do what you ask of them and properly train them to be well-rounded. There will be times when your dog will do as it pleases and not listen. With that, it can be easy to become negative and want to give up. Remember to always stay positive and have fun.

Tips4: Start Off With The Basics
It's important to tackle the basics when training your pet so they grow to be amazing pets. House training is the first type of training you want to engage in when getting your new puppy so they become accustomed to their living environment. Also doing outdoor training is important so they know where to go when they need to potty.

Tips5: Train Your Puppy When They Are Lively
The best time to train your puppy is when they are upbeat and alive because you and your dog get the most out of the training. When your puppy is tired or hungry it can become difficult to train them because they may become frustrated and won't fully be into the training.

Tips6: Reward Your Dog
Instead of going with the punishment-based training stated above, it's best to reward your puppy when they complete a task in their training correctly. By doing this, your puppy will be most likely to repeat the good behaviors learned during the training phase.

Tips7: Teach Your Dog To Be Relaxed
It's important to train your dog to be relaxed and calm because this will help them to become well-behaved when guests comes over to your home and to prevent them from causing chaos in the home. Practicing how to become relaxed makes your dog learn how to have alone time and also gives you a little break when you need some time alone as well.

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