The 5 best dog training tips play & exercises

Training a dog requires patience, so don't get discouraged if things don't go your way right away. You'll want to start out by neutralizing the environment that makes the unwanted behavior enjoyable. If your dog is begging beneath the dining room table for food, remove all of its food bowls and discourage begging around the table. Start by doing one thing at a time, like teaching your dog their name or how to sit on command.


The 5 best dog training tips play & exercises


Below we have given you the 5 best dog training tips that will help you to understand how to get started with these 5 best dog training tips:


1. Find out what motivates your dog


Usually, if you reward your dog with food, treats or any other rewards, then it is likely that the dog will become more attached to the rewards than to you. This may be somewhat counterproductive when trying to train a dog. Dogs are motivated by things like affection, praise and even by play. Take some time to find out what motivates your own pet so that they are more likely to listen and obey.


2. Use treats sparingly


Many pet owners are keen to use treats when they are training their dogs. However, this may not be the most effective way to do things. If your treat making the dog more dependent on you, rather than the actual behavior that you want to reward, and there is no difference between your regular meals and the treats. It is best to save the treats for when a dog actually does something good, in order to make them really excited about being rewarded.


3. Proper clothing of dogs


The Custom Pet T shirtsCustom Pet Blanket and Custom Pet Canvas bag are the best pet products for every pet lover. We all know that dogs can sometimes be a little over excited about things. They may jump up to you in excitement, which can lead to you tripping and hurting yourself. This is one reason why it is important to invest in some proper clothing for your pet dog, so this issue never happens in the first place. Never buy them any clothing with tags or zips, as these will get caught on their fur during a mad dash around the house or garden and could even cause your dog injury.


4. Always pay close attention to what your dog is doing


When training a dog, it is important not to rely on the dog itself always knowing what they are supposed to do. The dog may not realize that they are not supposed to jump up on the table, so you will have to be ready and willing to get them out of trouble.


5. Always look for the positive


When training a dog, it is important to remember that they are not human, and so cannot be expected to always understand things the way that we do. You need to remain patient and persistent when attempting to train your dog. If you keep this in mind, you will realize that your dog is actually much smarter than you ever imagined.




The 5 best dog training tips is important because without it, training a dog can be difficult. Although you may need to work at teaching your dog, you will find that once your dog does something right, they will become more and more used to doing things for the right reason. It will become part of their daily routine and this can only be a good thing.