Summer Activities for Pets & Kids

Pets and kids often share their summers, so it's essential to ensure that your pet has a good time. However, some pets may be more independent and have different activity preferences. There are many activities that pets and kids can do together to benefit both. They include:


1. Playing

The best thing to do with your pet during the summer is to play with him. Both pets and kids usually love playing games, so there are many things you can do to keep both of them entertained. If your pet has a favorite toy, bring it out for some fun in the sun. Kids might also enjoy watching their pets run around and play with their toys. A Custom Pet Blanket or dog bed on the floor is an excellent way to keep your pet comfortable while he plays.


2. Hiking

There's nothing better than spending a hot day outside with your pets. Hiking is an activity that works well for both pets and kids, especially if they're going on a trail with you. However, dogs need to be supervised, as they can be more easily injured while playing outside.


3. Swimming

Swimming is a great summer activity for both pets and kids because it's fun to cool off in the water and play in the water with them. Your kids will enjoy being able to swim with their pets and cool them off simultaneously. It's also great for pets to stay fit during the summer. Before swimming, ensure your pet has had a bath before leaving the house. This is especially important if your pet has been outside or swimming in a lake or bay. You should also check your pet's ID tags to ensure they're current and any medications/treats he may have with him.


4. Summer Camp

Summer camp is another activity that kids and pets like, and it can be a great way to spend quality time together. Kids will enjoy learning new things while at camp, and your pet shouldn't have trouble adjusting to its new surroundings. Since many summer camps now allow pets on the grounds, meaning your pet will have plenty of fun activities to keep him occupied during the day. Kids can use a Custom Pet Mug or a Custom Pet Blanket while at camp, and over the summer, their pets may find a spot in the doggie daycare that's right for them.


5. Games & teachable moments

Pets and kids can have fun together by playing games or simply playing together. This playtime is one of the best ways for pets to learn new things from their owners, so it's essential to keep this in mind when planning activities with your pets. You may also want to consider teaching your kids how to care for their pets, but this is a decision that you should make with your family.



Pets and kids benefit from spending time together during the summer, and with all the fun activities they can do together, they're sure to have a great time. Because pets are part of your family, making sure they have a great time and enjoy their time with you is essential.