How to Gift-Wrap a Mug: The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to gift a coffee mug to someone? Mugs can be a great gift to give your friends, family or colleagues. One of the best ways to gift a mug is by customizing it. Using Custom Pet Portraits or any other personalized thing can make this gift really precious and close to heart. But the main issue is wrapping! Yes, it can be quite tough to wrap the coffee mug perfectly. If you are struggling to wrap the mug, you are at the right place. Read on.


Things You Will Need


Before you start wrapping up the mug, you will need to have some materials with you to wrap. These are:


A large wrapping paper (design of your choice)

A large sheet of cellophane

A gift card or tag

Colorful ribbon



How To Wrap: Step by Step Guide


Now that you have all the materials ready, you need to follow these steps to get started:


Step 1


You have to cut the wrapping paper according the size you will need to wrap the cup. Along with that cut the cellophane paper too. Make sure that both are of same size.


Step 2


Now, lay down the cellophane first and the wrapping paper on the top of it. Once you do that, place the mug right in the middle of the two papers.


Step 3


Carefully bring the four corners of the wrapping paper up together over the mug. Now, repeat the same with the cellophane paper.


Step 4


Cut the ribbon into the exact size that you will need and then wrap it around the paper above the mug. Neatly tie the ribbon into a bow to give a beautiful touch to it.


Step 5


Write on the gift card or tag and hang it right from the ribbon. It will look really pretty and complete


To conclude


This is all! Now, buy all the essential materials mentioned above and start wrapping that Custom Pet Mug that you have bought for your loved one.