Can dogs and cats catch coronavirus?

Coronavirus has been established to be a large family of viruses with cold-like sickness, especially in people. This virus can spread from people to animals. So far, its origin has not been established, but it is believed to have started from animals. Whether pets can contact this virus is true. Pets, for example, cats and dogs, can catch this virus if they come into close contact with an infected person.


How severe is it in pets?


Cats and dogs, when they catch coronavirus, they do experience the same symptoms just as humans do. They look weak and experience symptoms such as loss of appetite, sneezing, and coughing. However, the good news with pets getting infected is that most of the time, they do not show any of these signs or may be mild. Also, the duration of the symptoms may be very short and thus may not be that threatening to their lives. It is uncommon for your pet to get more severe symptoms of this disease.


Should my pet get tested for coronavirus?


You do not have to get your pets tested for COVID-19. However, if you are much concerned after you notice a change in your pet's health, you are at liberty to seek the services of a veterinarian so that you get more advice. It is important to always be checking on the health of your pet.


How should I care for my pets if I have COVID-19?


You probably want to see your pets around you if you are a pet. However, if you get infected with the coronavirus, it is recommended that you keep away from them. You should ensure that you keep your pets indoors, so they do not contract the disease by interacting with other people. If you want to take your dog for a walk, you should see that you maintain a distance of 2 meters from people. However, if it is necessary that you keep away from your pet you can have Custom Pet Portraits of them so that you don’t miss them more. Isolate yourself if you have the disease until you feel better; otherwise, leave your pet with one of your family members until you feel well.


What should we make of this?


We, as humans, pose a much threat to our pets, unlike the contrary that they pose threats to us. Therefore, if you get infected, it is much more sensible for you to do is to cut contact with your pets, especially when you are more infectious. This should apply the same way you treat your family member when you have an infectious disease because your pet's life is equally important. If you adore your pets so much, you may have their portraits on your wall so that you will see them as admiring them when in isolation.


Therefore, in conclusion, the life of your pet and your health is of great concern as much as you love them. They are not safe from coronavirus, so you follow all the measures to ensure that they do not contract this disease. You can make Custom Pet Canvas of your pets if you feel that you miss them while you are in isolation. So, to see that you have great moments with your pets, ensure that their health is checked and they are not exposed to any risk that could lead them to contract the virus.