9 Advices You Need to Know before Training Your Dog

9 Advices You Need to Know before Training Your Dog



Many people find that a dog can develop into a true best friend. But with that, there comes the responsibility of training them and teaching them proper etiquette. In this blog post, we share 9 advices you need to know before training your dog, like how to pick out the right breed for you and what kinds of food to feed your pooch. These tips will help ensure a successful relationship between you and your furry friend! Let's get started!


1. Pick Your Breed Carefully


Dogs have different needs depending on their specific breed. Dogs such as Australian shepherds or rottweilers are heavier than huskies or golden retrievers because they need more exercise according to their body type. Their working needs may mean different food, cleaner dog crates, more space, and different grooming requirements.


If you pick a lap pooch, you will need less room for a bed and doggie bag for a walk, but if you want an active running friend, you will want one that is larger in build to be able to handle the exercise and excitement.


2. Feed Your Dog Quality Food


As with people, the food differs in taste and texture between individuals, and dog food differs between breeds. The stomach of your dog may be sensitive, or has trouble digesting certain ingredients, realize that not all dog food brands will agree with your dear pet. Depending on the exact food, you may need to switch brands or purchase a special kind or treat that can be used to help ease your dog's stomach.


3. Select an Appropriate Breed for You


Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, consider shopping around for a particular dog type that will complement your lifestyle. For example, if you like playing fetch with dogs but don't want one who likes getting in fights, a jack Russell terrier might be suitable for you. If you want a dog with a long coat, then a golden retriever or husky could be best. The choice is up to you!


4. Socialize Your Dog Early


Just as newborns and humans learn best during their early stages of life, so do dogs. If you don't socialize with your dog soon after birth, it can become difficult to train them later. Walk your dog or take him on trips to pet stores and restaurants. This will help them develop into a well-rounded adult who can adapt better from one situation to another and make friends easier in new situations.


5. Consider the Dog's Personality


Just like with people, there are many different personality types for dogs. If your pup is shy and quiet, it may be hard for them to get comfortable in new situations. In contrast, if you have a more outgoing and easygoing dog, it would be ideal to leash them when walking in an unfamiliar area. Regardless of your breed of dog, always teach your dog to respond with a command or signal when they sense danger or another strong feeling, such as fear or aggression coming from another animal they do not know.


6. Use Custom Pet Portraits and Custom Pet Canvas


You can make a custom pet portrait like Custom Pet T Shirt or Custom Pet Blanket of your furry friend before training them to be the best dog they can be. That way, they can look at their fantastic new portrait whenever they need to feel loved and appreciated. If that weren’t enough, you could always capture them in a personalized canvas too! What could be better than that for someone with canine companionship issues or those who are away from their pets for long periods?


7. Consider the Dog's Needs


Just as adults have their own needs, dogs do too. You should consider what your pooch needs regarding grooming, food, and special needs if any. If they have any special medications or diets, you should stick to that and ensure your pet always has their medication on them if they are at home. That is the best way to ensure your pet stays healthy and strong for many years.


8. Be a Good Student for Your Dog


Just as you wouldn't want someone else to tell you how to live your life, dogs don't want that either. If you want to train a dog properly, you must learn to listen when they tell you something instead of just giving them something against its will. That can damage the relationship and trust between both of you.


9. Look After Your Dog's Health


Just like people, dogs can get sick and injured at any time. If your dog has any health problems or is sick right now, you should take them to the vet immediately. If a veterinarian counts on you to stop by every week to make sure they are doing well, send them a note if it isn't possible for you to take your dog in for regular medical check-ups.


Getting started with training your new furry friend is not going to be an easy task, and you'll need a lot of patience. Dog behavior is complicated - they're not just furry, cute animals anymore. Dogs are creatures who possess intelligence and want to do their own thing while staying loyal to their human family members.