7 Fun Ideas for Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are two of the best things in the world, but together they can be a little too much for one person to handle. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can give your kids and pets the time they deserve while still enjoying some quality family time. Here are seven fun ideas for kids and pets that’ll make your days more enjoyable. These activities are guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime.

 Kids and Pets

1. Hide and Seek


Playing hide-and-seek is one of the best ways to create lasting memories with your pet. The kids will have fun finding their pets among all the hiding places served up by family and friends. The play will be a lot of fun for the kids and your pets will really enjoy the attention. You can also make a pet hide-and-seek hunt game for them to enjoy all by yourself.


2. Pet Photography


Photography is a hobby that never gets old and many kids have grown up with the fantasy of being a professional photographer. It's not too difficult to start on the right foot and you can teach your kids how to take better photographs with their pet, as well as learn more about animal behavior, patience and other skills they'll need in the future. Begin by letting them take their own photos with you or another family member helping out. You can find simple photography tips online and suggest some simple things to do such as avoiding direct sunlight, using the lens cap for long shots (and adjusting it when you get too close), or how to hold the camera steady for long exposures (such as 1/2 sec). You can also take your own photos and help them to see the details in each of them. It's fun for both you and the children!


3. Catch me if you can!


Your pet will love this new game. Teach the animal that when someone says "Catch me if you can" to run away and enjoy the chase. You can also play it with a friend or sibling, where you hide and the other person tries to find you. At first, the animals aren't going to understand what's going on but with a little gentle coaxing, you can train them to run away from something that resembles danger or from someone they don't know very well. It's great for their safety and gives them a chance to have some fun! With time, they'll learn how much fun playing games are and make it easier for your kids as they get older to have pets in their homes as well.


4. Happy Tails Day


Do your kids love scavenger hunts as much as they love animals? You can use your pets to help make a scavenger hunt that's happy tails appropriate. For example, you can hide treats around the house and give clues to where they are: "go outside and look behind your favorite tree" or "look inside the kitchen cabinets." You can even make a scavenger hunt that includes one of their favorite places, such as their school, grandma's house or favorite restaurant. Just be sure to remind them not to forget about their pet when writing down answers for the game. The happy tail might have been hiding in the backyard all this time!


5. Barbeque Party


Your pets are always a big hit at barbeque parties so why not plan one for them? Find some great recipes online for dog and cat treats. Sprinkle the treats around the backyard or hide them around your house. Everyone will have fun as they try to find all the hidden treats as you turn it into a scavenger hunt! With a little imagination, you can come up with too many different party games to play with your pet and ensure that your kids will enjoy coming home every day of the summer.


6. Custom Pet Portraits


You'll want to ask your children to get a good look at the pet they love enough to have as part of their family. Make sure that this is not only a picture of them with their pet but also a good portrait of the two of them both together. Give your child a list of things that they want in their Custom Pet Portraits, Custom Pet Mug, Custom Pet Canvas including the names and appearance of all their pets. You can also let them choose from different backgrounds, props and poses. Make sure you also take a variety of photos since how your child treats the image will be how he or she treats the animal for years down the road.


7. Pet Costume Party


Keep it simple the first year and have them dress their pet in a costume that either aunts, uncles or grandparents can make for them. Have your children help find things they can use in their costumes. You can also make a card together with your children that lists what they need to purchase. This will save you on some shopping and allow you to focus more on fun activities and other ways to enjoy spending time with your children as you bond both with each other and your pets!




These are all great ways to have fun, create lasting memories and bond with your pet. And if you choose some of these ways, you'll be making sure all the kids know how to look after their pets and that's what we should all want for them.