7 Exercise Tips to Keep Your Dog Active

Dogs are loving, kind, and compassionate. That's the reason why most dog owners invest in Custom Pet Canvas, Custom Pet Portraits, and Custom Pet Mug. Every dog needs exercise regardless of breed, size, or age. A tired dog tends to be focused, understanding, and calm. Regular exercise can boost your dog's health and reduce behavioral problems, including excessive digging, chewing, barking, licking, and other anxiety-related behaviors. In addition, insufficient exercise can increase the risk of obesity, stiffness, and hyperactivity. Below are the top 7 exercise tips to keep your dog active:


1. Go for a Swim


Most dogs love the water, and swimming is a great low-impact exercise, especially if your furry friend suffers from joint problems. Consistency and persistence are two factors that impact the effectiveness of swimming. Therefore, you should opt for a life jacket to help your pooch stay in the water longer. This is an excellent way for your dog to obtain an optimum cardio workout.


2. Dog Fetch Races


Fetch is a great exercise that improves your dog's health and well-being. In addition, it can boost your dog's happiness and reduce anxiety. In the long run, it builds concentration and focus. You can shake up your dog's fetch routine by tossing a ball into the swimming pool or making her run uphill to retrieve a toy/ball.


3. Regular Power Dog Walks


Take your pooch for a walk on a leash. Ensure you mix some intervals of running, jogging, and high stepping. This plays a significant role in increasing your dog's heart rate and burning calories. Other health benefits of regular power walks include:


- Stronger bones and muscles


- Lower blood pressure


- Improve cardiovascular fitness


- Decrease stress and anxiety


4. Visit the Dog Park


Walk to the dog park for warm-up purposes. Warming up boosts your dog's cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow to the muscles and raising body temperatures. When you get to the park, toss a ball or your dog's favorite toy around with your dog. In addition, ensure your dog socializes with other furry friends.


5. Hiking


Dogs love outdoor activities just like human beings. Hiking is a great outdoor activity that can boost your dog's physical fitness. Therefore, take your furry friend on your next adventure and explore various trails and new parks.


6. Dog Sports


There's an array of dog sports: flyball, agility, scent work, dock diving, rally, and lure coursing. Choose an activity that suits your tastes and preferences. You can either stick with your favorites or try a variety of activities.


7. Play Hide and Seek


Hide and seek is an excellent indoor game for dogs to stay active. You need a tasty treat or a toy to play this game. Hide your chosen item and let your dog find it. Note that dogs will find a treat easily because they have a strong sense of smell.




Exercising your dog is essential because it makes your furry friend become active, physically fit, and mentally stable. Choose an exercise that suits your preferences as well as your dog's health and wellness.