5 Reasons Why Exercise is Important to your Puppy

There are so many ways to benefit your furry best friend. Exercise is key to a healthy puppy. From an energetic and happy dog to a healthy weight, exercise is essential for your pup. But as with humans, ensuring they get enough exercise can be difficult and tire them out quickly, so you might want to avoid taking them on long runs or giving them a lot of playtimes outside. The following are reasons why exercise is so essential for your puppy.


1. Healthy Weight

Puppies can be hard to control when it comes to food, especially when you have a busy day at work and leave them home alone. They are likely to overeat while you are gone and become overweight or obese. This strains their organs because they increase, and they may develop joint problems as they age. Exercising regularly can help you avoid this.


2. Incorporates Mental Health

As your puppy grows, they become more active and mobile. This means they will be prone to overdoing it and will have to run around a lot. Exercise keeps them mentally awake and allows them to feel good about themselves if they are nervous or scared. These feelings can lead to depression in later life if they become stressed while exercising. A Custom Pet Canvas helps keep your pet healthy and happy.


3. Eases Joints

As your puppy gets older, it may not get around as well as it used to. Their joints are under constant strain during exercise, leading to soreness and pain later in life. Exercise during their youth means their joints will be more agile and have a more remarkable ability to support weight when they get older. The off-leash access dog owners like to provide their pets also means they will jump and run more, leading to more strain on their joints.


4. Expands Lung Capacity

As your puppy gets older, it will need more help breathing. This is a natural part of aging, but it is still essential to look after their lungs in between. This can be done through exercise to expand their lung capacity and strengthen them, making them less at risk of developing respiratory problems and other diseases. Many dogs are prone to wheezing and catching colds, often due to their lungs not functioning correctly.


5. Helps Prevent Disease

Exercise can help prevent the onset of many diseases. It doesn't happen overnight, but exercising regularly will help your pet avoid developing many problems. It can be hard to get your puppy to exercise, mainly if it is a large breed and requires a lot of food. This is why it is essential to ensure they get enough exercise every day.



As you can see, exercising your puppy if they are growing up is a good idea. It benefits them in many ways and allows you to keep them active and healthy. A Custom Pet Mug and Custom Pet Canvas both help keep your pet healthy and make them feel good about themselves and happy. The result is a happy and healthy dog running around and enjoying life with you.