3 Reasons You May Be Petting Your Dog Wrong



If you've ever loved a dog, chances are you've attempted to pet him or her. However, have you been doing this the wrong way? It turns out that there is a right way to pet your pup and unfortunately many people do it wrong!


Reasons You May Be Petting Your Dog Wrong


1) Not Knowing The Right Technique


Dogs, like humans, have varying preferences as to how they want to be petted. Some love having their heads scratched while others hate it. Some like being pet from the back of the neck and some hate it. Some prefer you stick to one area and others enjoy you doing a little bit of everything! Therefore, it is important that you find out what your dog enjoys so you can utilize those techniques during your next petting session. Check out some techniques from Custom Pet Portraits, and Custom Pet Canvas to give you some ideas and get your pup purring as it should!


2) Getting Too Close


Dogs aren't like people and they don't react well to being petted when you get too close. If you are too close, your dog will feel threatened and he may begin to growl or bite. And if your pup bites or growls, it is better for everyone involved if you stop petting him or her. Just like with humans, there's an appropriate distance between the two of you that is comfortable for both of you so that the interaction can occur without conflict.


3) Pressing Too Hard


The same applies to pressure. If you apply too much pressure, your dog will react. In the above-mentioned case, if you pet him or her too hard they may growl or bite out of instinct because they are trying to protect themselves. However, if you pet them lightly, you are way ahead of the game!




It is important that your dog is comfortable in all situations and that includes when making contact with him or her. If you want to give your dog a great experience every time you pet him or her, be sure to know your pup's preferences so that you can tailor your behavior accordingly. But if you don't know what he or she prefers and are afraid of doing it wrong, just ask your vet.